Saturday, June 2, 2007

first among many

It seems that everyone has a blog, I rarely read them. So why am I starting my own blog among millions of others, who have more time and ability? Because I want to write. I want to update friends and family and the unknown world wide web surfers who accidentally happen upon this site. I want to voice my thoughts on books, ideas, whatever . . . It's my blog. I welcome the thoughts and comments of anyone willing to put a name to their comments. Please no anonymous posts or comments.


Jeff Snell said...

Tyler, maybe the combination of this,, and the 3:30 club can usher me into the twenty first century. Who knows? I might even get a cell phone someday.

Unknown said...

The fact that you don't have a cell phone doesn't really surprise me, but that you don't have a blog saddens me.

Anonymous said...
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