Friday, July 13, 2007

not so newly weds

We were already running late. I wanted to spend thirty minutes reading some of the gospel of Mark. Margo wanted us to be on time. So, finally, after fifteen minutes of her asking if I was ready to go and me trying to read and reassure her that we had plenty of time, we left the room. It was the first day of work at Know Sweat in Memphis, TN. By the time we were getting in our vehicles the caravan of church vans was already leaving.

This guy from some church in Oklahoma rolls down his window. He had a butch haircut and a forehead that wrinkles up when he often raises his eyebrows. He was a real mean Oklahoman. Old and happy, like an uncle who will have a good laugh at your expense and not think twice about it.

He called out to me, "Isn't it just like newly weds to be late."

I was already late and facing an i-told-you-so-you-idiot look from wife, and this guy wants to get a rise outa me. I turned around and almost shouted, "We've been married for two years," opened my door climbed in and slammed it shut again.

The mean Oklahoman came by later that day and apologized. He was being kind. That just made me more angry.


Eric said...

Dude that sucks. But it's funny.

Jordan D. Wood said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry about the poor choice of language found in the original version of this story.