Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the myth of redemptive prostitution?

I came across this story and was fascinated and heartbroken. A Chilean prostitute, Maria Carolina, has auctioned off 27 hours of sex-- for charity! Her unique contribution is intended to raise money for Chile's largest charity during an annual fund-raising campaign. The charity aims to raise money for impoverished disabled children. Through internet advertising Carolina auctioned off the 27 hours of "love" for 4,000 dollars. Though prostitution is legal in Chile it comes as somewhat of a shock to charity organizers. According to Reuters, the campaign organizer, Mario Kreutzberger, said he would not encourage "immoral" activities, but said he would accept her pledge. Reuters also interviewed Carolina who said, "There are people who are going to be donating money that's a lot more questionable than mine. The only thing I did was publicize it." I suppose in a world like ours the end justifies the means. Prostitution becomes a way to help disabled children. Violence becomes a way to make peace. The end justifies the means, or so the myth goes.

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