Sunday, January 13, 2008

who do you like for 2008?

It's an election year again. Who will you vote for and why? Will you not choose Hillary because she seems mean? Will you choose Huckabee because he's a Christian? Will you choose Obama because he's black? Whenever I get in a discussion with people about who they plan on voting for or who they don't like the reasons are often rarely associated with issues. Rather debate is concerned with perceptions or rumors or who they got a facebook invite from. Regardless of your political stance or who you like or don't like for the presidential race. I would recommend checking out this website. You take a very brief quiz about which issues are important to you and where you stand on them. Then it provides you with a description of the candidates who agree with you. It also gives their voting record on the issue and statements from their speeches/campaigns on the issue. Check it out.


Andy Rodriguez said...

So would you mind telling us who this website said you line up with the most?

If I was really serious about who I vote for and why, which I'm not really, a candidates stance on issues would not be the only thing I consider.

I would also want to consider previous experience in running something, some sort of background in foreign affairs, and how well they can lead. For instance, the website said I lined up most with Ron Paul. Even though we look at some of the issues similarly, I still don't think he would make a good president.

This is why I am still a Colbert 08 guy.

Michael DeFazio said...

Here are my top three in order:

Mike Gravel - 74%

John Edwards - 73%

Dennis Kucinch - 72%

I think Obama is my fourth, followed by Hilary, John McCain, and then the rest of the GOP frontrunners. I have no idea who Mike Gravel is. And I have no idea who I'm voting for (if I vote).

So what do you think of this statement from Greg Boyd's blog (which follows his analysis of and predictions for the 2008 election):

"And none of this matters much -- which is the main point for Kingdom people to remember. Whatever happens in this rat race, please don't let yourself get sucked in. Have you're opinions, make your guesses, vote if you want to. But always remember that the power that will ultimately conquer evil and save the world is not the power that flows from Caesar's throne. It's rather the power that flows from Calvary. This year, lets commit to exercising that power 24/7."

Unknown said...

My top three are:

Kucinch - 80 %

Mike Gravel - 79 %

John Edwards - 76 %

I think Boyd gives us some good wisdom. In the end, no matter who wins not too much will change. I think we are fine to vote about the things we care about, but Boyd's skepticism seems very healthy for a Christian and honestly, very realistic for Americans in general.