Friday, March 21, 2008

now that i have arrived . . . well, in a couple months anyway

I will graduate from Ozark Christian College with a Bachelor of Theology NT May 17, 2008. Pretty impressive huh? It only took me five years to do it too! I've loved my time at Ozark, but it is coming close for Margo and I to move on. We have been struggling with where to go, what the next step ought to be, how to live with the blessed burden of Bible college degrees in a world that doesn't really care about the Bible, but desperately needs Jesus. I want to go to school, more school, maybe even more school after that. Margo wants to tell people about Jesus and afford health insurance. We both want to be faithful Jesus followers.

In this odd last season at Ozark I am confronted with the reality of how I spend my time. I fill my days with reading and writing and school. I enjoy these things but I'm making a list of things to do when I graduate. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I'm graduating from Bible College, and now that I have arrived, I want to plan 10 things to do. So what do you have for me? What do I need to do now that I'm a bachelor degree holding Bible college graduate (well soon enough anyway)? I need a top ten list. So, if any readers could contribute I would welcome your thoughts. No pressure these can be funny lists, serious lists, a mix (mine probably will be).


Anonymous said...

Ooh, this will be fun. I may have to email you some of them rather than post them here. :)

Just so you know, some of mine will involve communal experiences shared by both of us, which means we have to be in the same place for some period of time soon after you graduate...

Stephen Lawson said...

Well here are a few:

1. have a beer or some bourbon with me.
2. garden. I know that you will be moving, but you should garden wherever you move to. I am getting ready to plant mine and am pretty excited about it.
3. Watch an entire season of arrested development in one night.
4. read lots of fiction. and write some while you're at it.
5. Try moving toward intentionality in community wherever you are. This changes everything.
6. go to a karaoke bar and get your groove on. and no, I'm not kidding.
7. trying incorporating the Christian Year/Daily Office into your daily life with small steps.

Well, thats all I got right now.
I'll see you at graduation, brother.

Unknown said...

hi. does margo have blogger?

Unknown said...

No, Margo doesn't have a blog. She barely checks her e-mail.

I'm still waiting man, your comment has me on the edge of my seat.

I'm not sure about 1 and 2 but the rest sound like musts for me. As far as reading fiction goes, I'm planning on reading 3 fiction books right away when summer starts. 7 sound really cool too. Right now I don't even participate in Lent!!!

Alex said...

Make sure one of those fiction books is a classic. And yes, write! write! write! And I don't think I could be any stronger in my seconding of Stephen's 3rd! Arrested Development Rocks!

EricEpp said...

I am not sure if these are the "solid gold 10" but they seem to be the things that I did that I don't regret.

1. Take your wife on a trip. I don't care where it is. I don't care how expensive it is. Go somewhere. Be alone. The good kind of alone.
2. Do graduate work with people who don't believe what you believe. Bonus points if they have never heard about Bible college.
3. Acquire a taste for beer. Discover the wonders of a good lager. While you are at it, learn which go best with certain foods. I recommend starting with Boulevard Wheat and Blue Moon. Wine coolers don't count. Under no circumstances may you have anything strawberry.
4. Don't read anything for a month. Maybe two. You have earned it.
5. Take an interest in your friends' ministries.
6. Go somewhere where you can learn from the people you work with. They are largely responsible for who you will become.
7. Eat real food. You'll no longer have the "I'm in college" excuse. People get fat when they graduate.
8. If you want kids, have them. If you don't, don't. Figure out which you want and then figure out how to accomplish this goal. I sleep in ski pants personally.
9. Take up one (just one!) cause that doesn't really matter. Build a soapbox. Annoy people.
10. Wherever you go, register to vote.

Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

have some kids! (you knew i'd say that!:) seriously, though, nothing will humble you and reveal to you the heart of our Father God more... plus, you and margo will make AWESOME parents!

Anonymous said...
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