Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Worthwhile Reading in the Blogosphere

I'm always on the lookout for great minds from whom to learn. One of the great advantages of the blog world is it provides access to brilliant minds in process. Writers will try out theories and hypotheses and gage reactions. Not only do blogs provide a helpful format for watching the logic of good minds at work, they also provide an opportunity for the rest of us to ask questions. It's really fantastic to think that you can ask a question to world-class scholars and (usually) they actually give an answer! Lastly, blogging gives you access to fantastic reading FOR FREE!
Here are a couple of blogs or articles that I have recently enjoyed:

Michael Gorman, one of my favorite Pauline scholars, is blogging again after a hiatus due to the failing health of his father. Pastors and scholars alike will benefit from Dr. Gorman's fine blend of scholarship and theological commentary.

J. R. Daniel Kirk, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, offers insight into NT texts, cultural commentary and informed thoughts on theology and ethics. I would particularly recommend two recent posts. First, he offers reflection on the significance of the creation-fall narratives (Gen 1-3) for Paul's theology in an evolutionary cosmological framework. Second, he did a post on blogging and institutions. That might sound boring, but he wisely suggests caution while maintaining the value of blogging.

Larry Hurtado is a widely respected scholar's scholar. His knowledge of first century texts is exhaustive, his careful historical judgments are exemplary and he's been at the scholarly "game" for a long time. Thus, his posts reflect seasoned thought‒ an uncommon virtue in the blogosphere. 

Each of these scholars is brilliant and more than willing to answer respectfully posed questions and even thoughtful disagreements. I wholeheartedly encourage any and all to frequent these fine blogs and see some great scholars "at work."

For those less interested in scholarship here are some other nice reads:

On being a Student from Stanley Hauerwas

On the healing power of Story from Lisa Nichols Hickman

What are your favorite blogs or journals?


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Unknown said...

Thanks anonymous. I'm glad that you're enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I just used the template provided by "Blogger" and augmented it with various code I've found here and there. Thanks for your appreciation, but I have very little to do with it.