Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You Must Read The Jesus Blog

I know what you're thinking, "I doubt there is a blog that I 'must' read." But hear me out.


The Historical Jesus. What could be more interesting to talk about than Jesus? While there is no shortage of blog material devoted to Jesus, the content at The Jesus Blog promises to be singularly devoted to the historical figure. If you think historical Jesus studies are a fad that's already passed, you'll thoroughly enjoy The Jesus Blog because it challenges past assumptions and promises new avenues of exploration. 


The dynamic duo behind The Jesus Blog material are Chris Keith and Anthony Le Donne. Ask a veteran scholar like Larry Hurtado or John M. G. Barclay and they will tell you these two are rising stars in the academic world. You don't have to take their word for it, just check out Keith and Le Donne's notable publications (they are listed on a left sidebar at The Jesus Blog for convenience). 


If you're interested in Historical Jesus Studies, or if you think Historical Jesus studies are so over, then you need to check out The Jesus Blog. If you're wanting to do a PhD, but are unsure of a suitable topic, Keith and Anthony boast to suggest 101 potential ideas. If you're not a trained scholar, but you are interested in the cutting edge of scholarship about Jesus then you should read The Jesus Blog. If you're just a regular person who interested in being informed about arguably the most important figure in the western world, then stop by The Jesus Blog.

Seriously, go to The Jesus Blog.

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