Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Deutsch für Neutestamentlers

As a developing scholar who is keenly interested in the Apostle Paul I am devoted to developing my German competency. I've used three different reference grammars/reading guides and I'm currently working my way through Rosetta Stone. Also, I'll probably take a readings course before I finish my PhD. For those interested, let me draw your attention to a new online resource.

There are a few good websites out there for those interested in learning to read German for advanced biblical/theological studies, but the newest addition, which is a gift to budding New Testament scholars merits your attention. Wayne Coppins, Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia has started a blog devoted to German for New Testament scholars. The site looks great and will no doubt be a helpful and unique tool for those interested in learning the language for research purposes. Coppins is a seasoned translator who, as some of you might already know, recently translated Jens Schröter's Von Jesus zum Neuen Testament for the Baylor-Mohr Siebeck Studies in Early Christianity series. Anyone interested in learning to read German should frequent Coppin's blog.

You're welcome blogosphere.

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