Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exciting New Book

Paul and Scripture: Studying the New Testament Use of the Old TestamentI was surfing around the other day, a dangerous activity for my wallet, and I came across a book I knew I had to purchase. Steve Moyise, a recognized expert in the field of NT use of the OT, has just published (July, 2010) a book on Paul's use of the OT-- Paul and Scripture: Studying the new Testament Use of the Old Testament.

I received the book in the mail and immediately cracked it open. The introduction is lucid and concise. The whole book is only 125 pages. There are eight chapters:

(1) Paul's use of creation accounts with particular reference to Adam.

(2) Paul's use of the Abraham narratives for defining faith and identification with God's people.

(3) Paul's use of Moses tradition.

(4) Paul's use of the law and the seemingly contradictory ways he writes about and uses it.

(5) Paul's use of the prophets for the inclusion of Gentiles.

(6) Paul's use of the prophets for life in the Christian community.

(7) Paul's use of the Psalms.

(8) A Survey of modern approaches to Paul's use of the OT categorized as: intertextual, narrative and rhetorical.

I'm excited to tackle the book in the next few days and plan to post a review shortly afterward. However, with school starting this week good blogging intentions sometimes fall by the wayside. Either way, I would encourage anyone who is interested to pick up this book. It will likely prove a notable introduction to the field of NT use of the OT and Paul's theology as a whole.

For more on Moyise check out Nijay Gupta's interview with Moyise concerning his earlier introduction to the NT use of the OT --- Evoking Scripture.

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