Friday, November 23, 2012

SBL Book Purchases: Overview

I have recently become increasingly judicious in my book buying for two reasons. First, books cost money and I don’t have very much. Second, these days I spend quite a bit of time reading monographs and primary sources which are unconscionably expensive. However, I went to SBL looking for a couple of books that I either did not find or could not afford and somehow still came home with a load of books. 

Here’s what I walked away with:
  • Nestle-AlandNovum Testamentum Graece 28thEdition - $34.00

  • R.Dean Anderson, Ancient Rhetorical Theoryand Paul (rev. edt.; Leuven: Peeters, 1998). $28.00

  • HindyNajman, Seconding Sinai: The Development ofMosaic Discourse in Second Temple Judaism (SJSJ 77; Atlanta: SBL, 2003). - $19.00

  • EmanuelTov, Scribal Practices and ApproachesReflected in the Texts Found in the Judean Desert (STDJ 54; Atlanta: SBL,2004). - $38.00

  • MatthewW. Bates, The Hermeneutics of the ApostolicProclamation: The Center of Paul’s Method of Scriptural Interpretation (Waco:Baylor University Press, 2012). $48.00

I also picked up these gems at Powell's:
  • Lucian, Selected Dialogues (trans. C. D. N. Costa)
  • Social Distinctives of the Christians in the First Century: Pivotal Essays by E. A. Judge
  • Werner Kelber's The Oral and the Written Gospel 
  • John D. Harvey's Listening to the Text: Oral Patterning in Paul's Letters
I will post reviews of some of my SBL purchases as time permits. Did you buy anything at SBL? Anything particularly exciting?

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